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Fitness & Weight Control 

Does your dog compete at flyball, agility or do you show your dog at a national level or at local dog shows? 

Does your dog need to lose a little weight or improve his/her fitness? 

Hydrotherapy is a great way of keeping your dog in the best shape possible. It helps build their stamina, muscle tone and improve fitness. At Splash Paws we pride ourselves on producing the best possible Fitness or Weight Control programmes. We will create an individual hydrotherapy training programme for your dog. All of our sessions are measured and controlled, we work at a pace your dog will cope with comfortably. Hydrotherapy will help them stay in the best physical condition, increasing the strength of the cardiovascular system, strengthening and maintaining muscles. This will also help to guard against possible injuries. You will receive … 

  • A comprehensive Hydrotherapy fitness or weight control plan. 
  • We will give you detailed advice on how to exercise/walk your dog to achieve the best results. 
  • We will provide you with feeding and ongoing nutritional advice. 
  • Weekly weigh-ins and muscle mass monitoring 
  • Continuous support from the Splash Paws hydrotherapy team. 


  • Gentle, controlled & fully supported walking (early weight control sessions) 
  • Power walking 
  • All treadmill sessions are timed, pulse and heart rate monitored 
  • Variable incline walking 
  • Interval training 
  • Walking against water jet (advanced training) 
  • Walking against water jet & incline (advanced training) 
  • Theraband resistance training 


  • Gentle swimming to encourage movement and increase cardiovascular fitness for weight control 
  • All swim sessions are timed, pulse and heart rate monitored 
  • Core strengthening techniques 
  • Interval training using water jets (advanced training) 
  • Power swim sessions (high motivation, advanced training) 
  • Rear or Fore limb focused sessions

Please note: The decision to use jets and advanced techniques will be made by the Splash Paws team at the initial assessment session and after a satisfactory recovery from the previous fitness session. All decisions re treatment or fitness are made for the safety and wellbeing of your dog.