40 Jaggard Way, Staplehurst

Tonbridge, Kent TN12 0LF

Telephone: ​01580 895308


The Pool

Our pool is 3.0 metres x 2.0 metres and is partially set below ground level for easier access. It is approximately 1.2 metres deep and has 2 anti-swim jets, an Underwater Viewing Window in the side of the pool and an Underwater Light. It is heated to a minimum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. 

The quality of the water in our pool is extremely important to us. The pool has a sand filtration system, heating system and UV filter, which are checked daily. We test the water quality in the pool at least 3 times per day and record the chemical and pH balance. 

Access to the pool is via a ramp with a non-slip surface and another gentle ramp down into the water, which your dog will be carefully guided down into the water by us. This also offers a really good resting place for your dog between swims. 

All dogs are fitted with a correctly sized ‘Outward Hound’ buoyancy aid, which we use on all dogs for their first swim. This will help with their confidence and give extra support whilst in the water, even if they are just swimming for fun. They will continue to wear a buoyancy aid until they are strong enough and confident enough to swim without one.

Video & TV System

We have a video camera set up to film your dog's Hydrotherapy session through the window in the side of the pool, with a live feed to a TV screen. This gives you the chance to see exactly how your dog's limbs are moving underwater.

We will record certain sessions to use for ‘movement analysis’ at full speed and slow motion so that we can really see if your dog is improving their range of movement. This also helps us to plan the next treatment sessions to really get the best out of each session for your dog.

Small video clips will be used as part of our feedback to your veterinary surgeon along with our written report to them.

We are the only Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Kent and Sussex that have this great facility.


If a dog is unable to walk up the ramp to the pool due to their condition or injury, we have an incredible hoist system that can gently lift and move your dog safely around the centre, into the pool and Underwater Treadmill if required.

Using the hoist system can be particularly useful for dogs that have a spinal injuries or that are extremely nervous getting in or out of the pool. We are also able to use it for dogs that cannot fully support their own body weight when we need to use the Underwater Treadmill to allow us the opportunity to re-educate the dog’s gait.

When we use the hoist the dog is supported in a specifically designed harness for lifting dogs safely.

Showering & Drying

We have a walk in shower area. We will shower your dog before and after treatment/swimming in our pool. Your dog will then be toweled and blow dried. It is very important that your dog is dry and kept warm after treatment.